Installation of a SM 52-4 at « LES ARTS GRAPHIQUES »

September 2013

This 23d of  September 2013 marks the arrival of a new offset press 4 colours age 2008 to the printshop « LES ARTS GRAPHIQUES » in Saint Romain la Motte (42) near ROANNE. This state-of-the-art machine replaces a RYOBI 3340. Thanks to Mr Tixier for his trust.

See photos of this installation

One 5 colours + coater sold to the printshop DELTA in LYON

June 2013

We were pleased to sell a  wonderful 5 colours + coater HEIDELBERG Speedmaster SM 102-5P+LX to the printshop DELTA located in CHASSIEU near LYON.
The printshop DELTA is an historical customer of Intergraphic since about 15 machines have been bought or sold between our 2 companies within the last twenty years …. Thank you to them for their loyalty.

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25 June 2013

The Printer’s festival  had taken place on 25th June 2013 in Strasbourg, Place Gutenberg on initiative of the Association Espace Européen Gutenberg.
INTERGRAPHIC has supported this event by putting at their disposal  a Stanhope Press from  the year 1850 … This festival was very successful and highlighted the values of the various printing jobs of yesterday … and of today.

See photos, videos and newspaper article of this festival


One XL 75-5 colours + coater sold in ILLKIRCH

May 2013

The dynamic printshop GEIGER in ILLKIRCH GRAFFENSTADEN  purchased a superb offset press 5 colours + coater HEIDELBERG XL 75-5 +LX latest model, full options including AXIS CONTROL…
We were pleased to sell and install this machine on their floor and to take back their SM 74-5PH.


See photos and video of this installation

One CD 102-4 colours+coater à CASABLANCA (Maroc)

Décembre 2012

We were pleased to sell to the Printshop AJDIR in Casablanca (Morocco) a wonderful machine 4 colours + coater Heidelberg CD 102-4+LX (age 2008).
This machine is equipped with the latest and most modern technology  like Wallscreen and Axis Control.

We would like to thank our Moroccan friends for the warm welcome made to our engineers Laurent, Antoine and Serge who have installed and started this machine

See photos of this installation

On the way ... to RIGA (Latvia)

April 2012

We have sold one 5 colours + coater Komori Lithrone 528+LX age 2005 to a printshop in RIGA in LATVIA... The machine is now... on the way...!


See photos

One SM 52-5 P 2005 in Montpellier

April 2012

We have just installed a  5 colour HEIDELBERG SM 52-5P age 2005 in the printshop named FM GRAPHIC in Mauguio near Montpellier. This printshop is managed by François Molinier. This SM 52-5P takes the place of a GTO 4 colour we bought from them.


See photos of the installation

One SM 74-5+L age 2005 on the French Riviera

March 2012

We were pleased to install recently  one Heidelberg 5 colour + coater model SM 74-5+L age 2005 on the French Riviera. That is the printshop named Imprimerie CIAIS located in the center of NICE and managed by François-Xavier Ciais that has given us the pleasure  to purchase this machine from us to replace their SM 52-4P.

See photos of the installation

SM 52-4 age 2008 at the printshop SUDOFFSET

January 2012

The printshop SUDOFFSET managed by Mr Mathias BREJON and located in a city called La Ricamarie near St Etienne has bought from us a  wonderful machine that you hardly can find on the second-hand market… It is a fast new machine ! a 4-coulour HEIDELBERG model SM 52-4 age 2008 with new Design with only 5 mio impressions. This machine takes the place of a SM 52 -2 P age 2001.

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MAY 2011

The Printshop "Imprimerie du Moulin à Vent in Feyzin (IMAV) in France near Lyon has ordered us a very modern machine, one Heidelberg 4 colours + coater and Perfector model CD 74-4P+LX. This is the fifth machines that we sell to Mr Léo Arakélian (after 1 MOZS, 1 MOVH, 1 SM 74-4H and 1 SM 74-5PH). And hopefully soon the sixth..?

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One CD 74-4+LX in DOHA, QATAR


Following their visit in our premises in Strasbourg, one of the most important printshop from DOHA in QATAR has honoured us by ordering a 4 colour + coating offset printing press HEIDELBERG CD 74 – 4 + LX. This very young machine (age 2006) will be installed by ourselves in Doha very soon.

Thank you to AL JAZEERA PRINTING PRESS for trusting us.

Click here to see photos of this deal

An 8 colour in Durban, South Africa


We have just sold an 8 colour machine HEIDELBERG SM 102 – 8 P age 2001 to a printer in South Africa. This will be their second 8 coulour machine for this dynamic printshop of DURBAN : ATLAS PRINTER


Click here to see photos of this machine


January 2010

Always further…. ! Our machines travel further and further. We have just shipped a wonderful 4 colour-HEIDELBERG SM 52-4 age 2005 with CP 2000 in a printshop in Lima in Peru !! It is arrived safe and sound and is already perfectly printing to the great satisfaction of Mr Rafael ALVAREZ CALDERON, the owner of the printshop Impresso Gráfica S.A.  who came and visit us in Strasbourg.

Click here to see pictures of this machine  installed in Peru

A 5 colour + coater CD 74-5+LX in Limassol (Cyprus)

December 2009

We have sold a 5 colour + coater HEIDELBERG modell CD 74- 5+LX age2005 with only 32 mio imp. to a printshop in Limassol (Cyprus) called Pambos Pavlou Ltd which has modernised its machinery stock by replacing a SM 74-5H age 1998 that we have taken in part exchange and sold to Mumbai in India.

Click here to see pictures of this machine  installed in Cyprus

A 4 colour + coater  CD 74 4LX in VARENNES VAUZELLES (NIEVRE)

December 2009

The imprimerie GUILLAUDOT located in in VARENNES VAUZELLES (NIEVRE) has ordered us a 4 colour + coater HEIDELBERG CD 74 4LX. This recently built machine is equiped with last-born automatisms like Axis Control and coater with Chambered Ductor Blade. This machine takes the place of a 4 colour SM 74-4.

Click here to see pictures of the machine  installation


One SM 74-4 H age 2005 for Lycée Gutenberg in Strasbourg

July 2009

We have sold one machine Heidelberg SM 74-4H age 2005 with CP 2000 to the famous graphic School in STrasbourg "Lycée Gutenberg". After having sold last year 12 GTO 52, this graphic school has trusted us again for this machine 4 colours. Thank you to them...

Click here to see photos of this installation

One HEIDELBERG SM 74 2 at Concept Impression in LURE

29 January 2009

We have just finished the delivery and installation of a 2 colour offset press SM 74 2, age 2001 in place of a one-colour ROLAND PRAKTIA at the printshop in LURE (70) called CONCEPT IMPRESSION. This printshop is managed by Dominique and Jean-Michel DECHAMBENOY.

Click here to see photos of this installation

Two Machines in YEREVAN, ARMENIA

12 January 2009

We had the pleasure to sell 2 Heidelberg machines to a printer in YEREVAN, ARMENIA. It is a 4 colour Heidelberg SM 74 4 H, age 2004 and a PM GTO 52-2, age 2001.
Our engineer Laurent went there during 8 days to install these machines in YEREVAN. Thank you to Mr Emin Mkrtchyan of the printshop ZANGAK PUBLISHING HOUSE  for trusting us and for the kind hospitality he offered to Laurent.

Click here to see photos of this installation


5 December 2008

The year 2008 ends well at the printshop DEVEVEY in BEAUNE with the installation of a 4 colour-HEIDELBERG SM 52-4, age 2004 that has replaced their 2 colour-SM 52-2. This machine totally reconditionned by us is already operated masterfully by Christelle, the offset operator of this nice printshop managed by Mr Fabien CAILLOT in the region of "Bourgogne".

Click here to see photos during installation


23 August 2008

One of the oldest and most prestigious printshop in Alsace, OTT IMPRIMEURS located in Wasselone (25 km from Strasbourg) has honoured us in purchasing from us of a 4 colour + coater offset press with extended delivery HEIDELBERG CD 74-4+LX. This machine has been totally reconditioned by us in our factory.


23 May 2008

Our faithfull customers Mr and Mrs KAZMA of the printshop ETOILE IMPRIM in Bezons (95) near Paris have favoured us with the purchase of a 5 colour HEIDELBERG SM 74 5 PH equipped with CP 2000 and Perfecting. It is the fourth machine  we had the honour to sell them and we want to thank them warmly for the trust they had granted us.

Click here to see photos of the 'installation of this machine

One HEIDELBERG SM 52 5 PH in Beziers

30 April 2008

We have just installed a 5 colour HEIDELBERG SM 52 5 PH  at the Printshop COMBES-HUND in Beziers. It is a 5 colour machine size 37 x 52 cm equipped with high pile delivery, IR dryer and perfecting. This machine that comes from Switzerland has taken the place of a five colour HEIDELBERG GTOFP 52 that we had sold to this printshop 3 years ago.... Thank you to Mr Combes for his repeated trust

One second machine  for GS COM in Monaco- Montecarlo

29 March 2008

In less than one year the printshop GS COM in Monaco - Montecarolo managed by Mr Alain Hache has bought from us his second machine. After a Heidelberg CD 102 4  colours in march 2007, it is now a Heidelberg SM 52-4, age 2005 ! Like the first time the delivery has happened without any hitch despite an installation at the 9th floor. We thank you again this printshop for its trust... and see you perhaps next year for the third machine  ...

Click here to see photos of this installation in Monaco-Monte Carlo

One Heidelberg SM 52-4 in Auvergne

21st January 2008

A good start to the new year 2008 for the printshop Imprimerie PORCU in Cournon d'Auvergne (63) : We have just delivered them a last-born 4 colour - Heidelberg SM 52-4 totally automatic with CP 2000 that will print at a speed going to 15.000 sheets/hour ! This press takes the place of a GTO 52 - 2 colours. There is no doubt that this new press will increase the productivity of this printshop !

Click here to see photos of this installation

One Heidelberg SM 74 - 6 colours in Alsace

7 January 2008

After a MO 2 colours and a MO 4 colours that we have sold them a few years ago, the Imprimerie CATHAL located for a little while in new premises in Hochfelden (Alsace) has honoured us with trusting us for the third time buying from us a 6 colour- Heidelberg SM 74-6 H with last born CP 2000. We have delivered and installed the machine in less than one week and it runs already at at full speed.

Click here to see photos of this installation

One 8 Colours Heidelberg SM 102-8 P-S delivered by Intergraphic

3 december 2007

We just finished in 3 weeks time to install one 8 colours Heidelberg SM 102-8PS age 2002 to a printer located on the border beetween France and Belgium.

Click here to see photos of this installation

Installation of one SM 74 - 2 in Fribourg in Switzerland

24 september 2007

What a day for the imprimerie Cooperative Cric Print installed in Friburg (SWITZERLAND). The new offset press 2 colours model HEIDELBERG SM 74 2 has arrived  this morning and is intended to replace a one colour HEIDELBERG MOS.

Click here to see photos of the installation of this machine

One SM 74 - 5 colours in FEYZIN (LYON)

3rd september 2007

We had the pleasure to install a last-born 5 colour-Heidelberg SM 74 5  in FEYZIN, near Lyon at the printshop IMAV. It is the third machine we have delivered to this printshop managed by the friendly Mr Léo Arakelian


Click here to see photos of this machine during installation


20 August 2007

At the end of the summer we have installed at the printshop ATELIER GRAPHIQUa 4 colour + coater with extended delivery SM 74-4H+LX totally overhauled by us.Within 5 days the machine has been unloaded, assembled, installed and  started up ! The week after we have instructed the operators who are already printing high quality jobs intended for the famous "Porcelaine of Limoges".

Click here to see photos of the machine beeing overhauled in our factory

Click here to see photos of this installation

The 12 GTO's 52 have been delivered to the High School "Lycée Gutenberg"

27 August 2007

That's it ! Just before the start of the new school year 2007/2008, we have installed the 12th GTO 52 in the high school "Lycée Gutenberg". The old machine stock composed by various GTO's 46, Roland Praktika or Favorit and Heidelberg SORM, all of them beeing about 30 years old has been totally renewed and replaced by these 12 GTO's 52. This allows now the student printers to learn their future job in excellent conditions. To be noted that all these GTO's 52 are equipped with Alcolor or VARN KOMPAC III Dampening. Thank you to the whole staff of the "Lycée Gutenberg" to have trusted us and to be so friendly with us.

Click here to see photos of these machines in the "Lycée Gutenberg"

A used, overhauled machine  for the group AUTAJON

09 July 2007

The prestigious group AUTAJON counts 1.800 employees. He is the world leader in perfume and cosmetic boxes.
This company runned by Gérard Autajon has trusted us for the purchase of an used offset press overhauled by us :
It is a HEIDELBERG SM 74 2H that we have installed in their factory in EPERNAY : Roualet Etiquettes Champagne.
It is totally unusual for a large company like the group AUTAJON to buy an second hand machine, thank you again for their trust.

Click here to see photos of this machine during its overhauling and installation

The 5-colour press has arrived to E.A.I. !

18 May 2007

That's it ! The SM 74 5 PH has reached the printshop ETOILE ALSACE IMPRESSION in Strasbourg. It is the 7th machine delivered by Intergraphic to this printshop.
The machine has just only arrived and it prints already at full capacity in this dynamic company of Strasbourg where there is no lack of work ! We wish them good luck for the future...

Click here to see photos of this installation

SM 74-5PH last generation to IMAV in FEYZIN (France)

12 April 2007

What an exceptional day for l'Imprimerie du Moulin A Vent (IMAV) located in Feyzin near Lyon ! This printshop has just ordered from us a last-born 5 colour-Heidelberg SM 74-5 PH. This machine age 2004 with only 19 mio impressions is indeed equipped with all the last Heidelberg automatisms in particular a quality control system CP 2000 AXIS CONTROL.Mr Leo Arakelian has been managing this printshop since 1976 and his two sons have joined him a short while ago. Note that this is the third machine we have the honour and pleasure to sell to this friendly family.See you in august 2007 for the delivery of the machine and to celebrate fittingly this new installation.

The 7th machine by Etoile Alsace Impression

6 March 2007

Mr Alfred Boeni, manager of the printshop Etoile Alsace Impression has just ordered from Intergraphic its 7th machine ! A 5 colour Heidelberg SM 74  totally automatic will reach this printshop taking the place of a 2 colour MO  and a one colour GTO  (both machines had  been of course sold by Intergraphic). This SM 74-5 PH coming from Switzerland will supplement the machine stock of Etoile Alsace Impression composed already by a SM 52 4... Congratulations to this dynamic printshop of Strasbourg which will be now equiped with a modern machine stock in order to face the challenges of the future  and thank you to them for the trust they grant to our company

One 4 Colours in Mulhouse

22 February 2007

The more than hundred-year-old Printshop RUGE  has just signed with us a purchase contract for a Heidelberg 4 colour MOVPH. This machine will be delivered in April and will be added to a 2 colour GTO  sold more than 10 years ago by Intergraphic. This printshop managed by Mrs Mme DEHARVENGT is located in the "Rue de la Fidelité" meaning "Faithfulness Street".... Thanks to them to be faithful to Intergraphic !



12 february 2007

L'Atelier Graphique de Limoges runned by Marc Canin has just signed with the company Intergraphic for the purchase of an Heidelberg 4 colour + coater offset press, modell SM 74 4 H + LX totally automatic.This machine will be overhauled by us in our workshop before beeing delivered to them in June 2007. This machine will replace a Heidelberg Speedmaster  72 VP, age 1990

Click here to see photos of this machine beeing overhauled in our workshop

Spectacular installation of a CD 102 4  in Monaco-Monte Carlo

10 february 2007

On Saturday 10th february 2007 we have started a very uncommon installation. We had indeed to take out  from the 9th floor of a building in Monaco a 5 colour Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 FP and to bring in a Heidelberg CD 102-4. The street has been closed on this occasion in the Principality and thanks to an imposing crane and to the know-how of our engineers, mission was accomplished in less than 10 hours ! The 5 colour press was loaded in the trucks and the new 4 colour CD 102 was in the printshop. 6 days later the CD 102 4 colours was already working. Congratulations to our engineers Antoine, Laurent and Vincent and many thanks to Mr Alain Hache, manager of the printshop GS COMMUNICATION in Monaco to have trusted us in choosing our company for the delivery of his new machine. Regarding the 22 years old Speedmaster 102 FP, it will continue its « career » in Africa during many years thanks to the exceptionnal quality of Heidelberg Offset Presses.

Click here to see photos of this installationin Monaco-MonteCarlo


31 January 2007

We have just signed a purchase contract for 2 important machines ! one 8 colour et one 10 colour Heidelberg SM 102 8-P and SM 102-10 P, both of them age 2002. We have bought both machines from the Imprimerie des Deux Ponts, that once again has choosen the company Intergraphic to sell its machines ; we have indeed already bought from them a 5 colour + coater Heidelberg CD 102 5 LX, age 2003 for one year now. This dynamic company located in the region of Grenoble is runned by the no less dynamic Mr Laurent Caillat. Many thanks to him for the trust he grants us !


12 January 2007

L'imprimerie Abrax located in Dijon has choosen the company Intergraphic to supply its new machine : one 2 colour Heidelberg SM 74 2 P (size 52 x 74, with perfector 1/1). This machine will be totally overhauled by us in our workshop before beeing delivered in March. This machine will replace a Heidelberg MOZPS, age 1982.

Intergraphic’s Christmas party 2006

22 December 2006

On this 22nd december 2006 all the team of Intergraphic met at the Restaurant « La Ferme Landaise » in Oberhausbergen to celebrate together the end of this year 2006 which has been so busy for everybody !
Today’s menu :  tasting of specialities coming from the French « South West » as well as good mood !
The evening ended with some memorable games at the « Bowling de l’Orangerie ». It’s Serge our engineer demonstrator who was the most skilled in playing this game …

Click here to see photos of this evening

Renewal of our Quality Certification ISO 9001

18 December 2006

Following the 2 days examination within our company, the control body called « AFAQ » has notified us of the renewal of our Quality Certification ISO 9001 (2000  version). We have now obtained this certification for 7 years and are still the only French dealer having this reward.

Click here to see the AFAQ letter

Visit of the Nursery school « Ecole Maternelle du Centre » at Intergraphic

4 December 2006

The Nursery school « Ecole Maternelle du Centre » of Hoenheim came today to visit our company. We showed them first our museum and then we printed some packing paper sheets for Christmas presents in the presence of the children and their teacher. Each child had down a drawing on the Christmas topic. All these drawings had been scanned and assembled to make a  «patchwork» representing at the end the Christmas packing paper pattern. This morning ended with an enjoying snack with the children. This print had been made on a CD 102 6 Heidelberg offset press that we had re-assembled in our workshop.

Click here to see photos and the newspaper’s article about this visit

Sale of a Heidelberg CD102 4 in Monaco Monte Carlo

13 November 2006

The company GS Communication established in MONACO MONTE CARLO has choosen Intergraphic to order a 4 colour CD 102-4 Heidelberg offset press, age 2000. This machine will be totally overhauled and re-assembled in our factory before beeing installed in the printshop. Originality : the machine will be installed on the 9th floor of a building in Monte Carlo.
Installation is planned in february 2007.

Click here to see photos of this machine beeing overhauled in our workshop

12 Offset Presses GTO at at the technical High School « Lycée Gutenberg »

26 June 2006

Our company has won the tender for the supply of 12 one colour offset presses HEIDELBERG GTO 52 totally overhauled and that have to be installed at the technical High School « Lycée Gutenberg » at Illkirch Graffenstaden.
This purchase is financed by the « Region Alsace ». This machines will replace the 10 old one coulour offset presses in the workshop of the technical High School « Lycée Gutenberg ».

Link to the website of the Lycée Gutenberg

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